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Replicator Mini+

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MakerBot® Replicator Mini+

Reengineered and Rigorously Tested

The all new Replicator Mini+ combines portability with ease-of-use and lasting reliability. The Replicator Mini+ prints faster, easier, and with a 28% bigger build volume than its predecessor. To ensure consistent performance, MakerBot 3D printers and their subsystems were re-engineered and rigorously tested for over 380,00 hours* across multiple facilities.

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Case Studies

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Key Features and Benefits

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  • Print up to 4″ by 5″ by 5″ – 28% larger than the MakerBot Replicator Mini, so you can print bigger models

  • 10% faster than the MakerBot Replicator Mini

  • Extensive printer and subsystem testing of 380,000+ hours across multiple facilities over the course of development ensures reliable, high-quality performance

  • For improved reliability and precision, the gantry and Z-stage are redesigned with stiffer materials and sturdier construction

  • As a portable 3D printer, you can easily move it between classrooms or offices

  • Factory-leveled so the printer doesn’t need to be leveled out of the box

  • Prints adhere better to new Grip Surface on a more durable build plate

  • Compatible with MakerBot PLA Filament and MakerBot Slate Gray Tough PLA Filament Bundle

  • Factory-leveled so the printer doesn’t need to be leveled out of the box.

  • Prints adhere better to new Grip Surface on a more durable build plate, resulting in reduced warping and curling. No blue tape required

  • 58% quieter printing allows for a more focused environment


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