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Helping Our Local Communities

Paton Group has been working with local businesses to create face shields to help protect essential workers who may be exposed to COVID-19.  Using their Stratasys 3D printers, Paton has been printing the frames for face shields, and then their Universal Laser Systems laser to create the shields. The original design was shared with Paton by Stratasys.

The headbands can easily be sterilized for multiple use, while the plastic transparency face shield can be swapped out after several uses. Easy sanitation and cheap production make these a win-win solution.

Shields have been dropped off at Camarillo Police Department, Identity Medical Group, Redlands Hospital, and other California businesses. Paton plans to continue to provide these face shields to essential workers as they work to protect our communities.

In addition, Paton Group connected with Laney College, a public community college located in Oakland, California, to create face shields at an even faster rate. Laney College took the original Stratasys face shield design and began making modifications. They took the 3D prints and assembled them with various shield materials and hole configurations. Using this, they created a 3D rendering and sent it to Paton Group to print on a Stratasys printer. Then, the prototypes were created until the final product was decided upon.

The modified, 3D printed face shield is being used in a partnership with an injection molding company. With injection molding, the face shields can be made much more quickly—to the tune of nearly 1000 units a day. For 3D printing, it takes one machine about an hour to print each frame, and 15 minutes for the laser to cut several of the face shields. With these modifications, even more face shields can get into the hands of our frontline workers!

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3D Printing Webinars for April

Free 3D Printing Webinars

Join us for some at home learning while we navigate the craziness that comes with remote teaching. Our partner, Stratasys, is helping by offering two free webinars on 3D printing. Sign up for one or both using the links below. We hope to “see” you there!

How to set up an academic lab or makerspace

When: Tuesday, April 7th, 11:00 am – 12:00 pm

3D printing labs give students a space to learn, explore ideas, test designs and solve for real-life problems using technologies that are quickly becoming the industry standard. Learn about the things you should consider when researching and planning the creation of an academic lab or Makerspace at your school. Speakers:

  • Jesse Roitenberg, Education Segment Sales Leader, Stratasys
  • Kurt Helgeson, Professor & Department Chair – Environmental and Technological Studies, St. Cloud State University
  • Chuck Hentges, Assistant Professor – Environmental and Technological Studies, St. Cloud State University

Translating digital color into physical color with PANTONE 3D printing

When: Thursday, April 9th, 11:00 am – 12:00 pm

The perception of color is the result of a number of variables. Differences in the human eye, lighting and reflectiveness all determine how we see color. And when it comes to translating color from the digital world to the physical, what you see is not always what you get. 3D printing with PANTONE and VeroVivid materials bridges that gap. As the first 3D printers to be PANTONE Validated, Stratasys J8 series printers bring true color to physical objects. Join us in this webinar as we explore the science of color. We’ll also show you how to translate digital color into accurate 3D printed color with PANTONE and GrabCAD Print. Speaker:

  • JP Velasco, Segment Applications Engineer – Stereolithography, Stratasys

Contact us to learn more about either of these events

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Procedures for Extended Shut Down of Your Equipment

Extended Downtime Preparations​

Schools nationwide are preparing for remote eLearning. The equipment used daily at those schools will be sitting idle until physical classes resume in the building. It’s important to take the correct steps to ensure your equipment is properly shut down.

Much of the equipment we sell does not need preparation for extended downtime. Lasers, for example, or any of our milling machines only need to be left alone. See below for resource links to shut down procedures of each of our systems.

3D Printers

FDM printers (Makerbots, uPrint, Dimension, Mojo, and F123 systems) only need the material unloaded and stored. At worst you might have to replace any exposed spools. F120, Dimension, and Mojo printers won’t even have that issue. Their material is in sealed cartridges. Dimension and F120 printers should be unloaded and have the exposed material discarded before putting them back in service.

Roland Printers

Roland inkjet printers, and polyjet 3D printers require some preparation for extended downtime. SG, VG, BN-20 and LEF or LEF2 printers can be prepared by the operators. SG2 and VG2 printers require a service visit. If you can’t get into your site, the Roland printers should be OK for a month or two as long as main power is on and the drain bottle isn’t full. We can deal with any dropouts with a thorough cleaning and service checkup when your site reopens.

Please don’t hesitate to contact us if you have any questions or concerns

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