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Highlands High School Gilbert Arizona CNC Router Projects
Highlands High School was able to use their Forest Scientific to design a fundraiser to benefit the school.
Forest Scientific’s CNC routers, mills & lathes, and plasma cutters are reliable, affordable, and made in the USA. Most machines come fully assembled and machines operate with CNC controls that connect to the computer through USB not outdated parallel port, serial port, ISA ports, or other port that requires a DOS or other proprietary language. You can use any CAD/CAM producing industry standar G-Codes such as Mastercam, Surfcam, Edgecam, Enroute, Vcarve, Rhinocam, and more.

CNC Routers

HS Series Router Models

HS 48″ x 24″
HS 48″ x 48″
HS 48″ x 96″
HS 60″ x 120″
Standard table, 3-1/4HP router, wrenches, welded steel stand,
dust hood, and starter set of bits can operate on 110V 20A,
10.5″ Z Travel. The floor space is about 2′ larger than the work
area. The actual travel is 2″ greater than the work size listed.

The Michelangelo 3D Modeler

Innovative CNC router designed for classroom use
Maximum fully enclosed size fits through a 36″ door
Includes vacuum table system & dust collection system
Michelangelo Stepper
Michelangelo Hybrid Servo
X: 35″ Y: 13.5″ Z: 8.5″
Set Tooling:
Router Wrenches: 1 Set
Collets: 3 1/4 HP 10K-21K RPM
Main Power: 110V 20A
Spindle Motor: 3 1/4 HP 10K-21K RPM

LuthierMax – Guitar Making CNC Router

Created in collaboration with Fender Guitars
Travels X49″ Y20″ Z8.5″
Floor space approx 76″ x 34″
All models use a standard 100V wall outlet
Router Model:
LuthierMax CNC Router 110V,20A
LuthierMax CNC Router HY Servo
LuthierMax Pro with ATC CNC Router
Optional Additions:
Vacuum Table System
Guitar Making Class Start up kit
Guitar Making CNC Bit Kit

HSIPRO Heavy Duty CNC Router

HSIPIRO are commonly used for 3D modeling, cabinet making and woodworking that require high production speeds. Requires 120V 20A for electronics and 230V 3PH for Vac Table systems. Features include the Centroid closed loop servo control system with remote Jog panel and vac table system. No computer needed to run machine.
  • Standard open frame or extra heavy duty frame
  • Phenolic or ATC Table
  • Reverse Engineering Probe and Software
  • Tool Touch-off Probe
  • 150MM Rotary 4th Axis
  • 100MM Rotary 4th Axis

CNC Plasma Cutter

HS CNC Plasma Cutter

Machines geared for educational training, prototyping, design, and industrial production worldwide. The HS CNC Plasma Cutter has a tethered magnetic breakaway for consistent positioning during cutting and retention after collision or consumable change. Powerful magnets and keyed mounting plate for fast and repeatable repositioning of the torch.


Basic Model with ATH & PMAX
HSPB 48″ x 48″
HSPB 48″ x 96″
HSPB 60″ x 120″
Advanced with High-end ATH, PMAX
HSPA 48″ x 48″
HSPA 48″ x 96″
HSPA 60″ x 120″

Pro with High-end ATH, M39, and PMAX 45

  • Automatic conversion of DXF file to tool path
  • Convert scanned in files to toolpaths
  • Water table with removable leafs
  • Heavy duty welded steel construction
  • Hypertherm plasma cutters for CNC included
  • Actual machine torch included
  • Automatic torch height control
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