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Tackle Complex STEM Concepts in the Classroom with KID SPARK

Kid Spark Education is a nonprofit organization working with educators to provide fun, hands-on engineering education programs that help all children, especially children from underrepresented communities, develop STEM identity and technology fluency.

Core Lab

Pre K – Grade 5

ROK Blocks Mobile STEM Lab

Even the most inexperienced students can quickly and easily build sophisticated prototypes and grow their confidence in engineering. Early lessons focus on foundational fluencies that include reading step-by-step instructions, symbolization, measuring, patterns, and symmetry. Then students transition into more challenging concepts like how to make things move, how to make things strong, applied mathematics, the design and engineering cycle, and other foundational fluencies key to building their STEM identity.

Grades 4-12

Engineering Pathways

This lab features two robotic platforms. The easy-to-use remote control Maker ROK-Bot requires no programming and makes the study of motorized mechanisms and machines easy and fun. The programmable ROKduino introduces students to coding, sensors, motors, and autonomous robotic design. Students with little to no coding experience can start with simple and intuitive drag-and-drop block coding, then transition to text-based coding.

Supplemental Labs

Grades: 3-12

Basic Robotics Mobile STEM Lab
Core Lab for Elementary STEM Programs

Grades: 6-12

Advanced Robotics Mobile STEM Lab

Grades: 6-12

Advanced Projects Mobile STEM

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