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Procedures for Extended Shut Down of Your Equipment

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Extended Downtime Preparations​

Schools nationwide are preparing for remote eLearning. The equipment used daily at those schools will be sitting idle until physical classes resume in the building. It’s important to take the correct steps to ensure your equipment is properly shut down.

Much of the equipment we sell does not need preparation for extended downtime. Lasers, for example, or any of our milling machines only need to be left alone. See below for resource links to shut down procedures of each of our systems.

3D Printers

FDM printers (Makerbots, uPrint, Dimension, Mojo, and F123 systems) only need the material unloaded and stored. At worst you might have to replace any exposed spools. F120, Dimension, and Mojo printers won’t even have that issue. Their material is in sealed cartridges. Dimension and F120 printers should be unloaded and have the exposed material discarded before putting them back in service.

Roland Printers

Roland inkjet printers, and polyjet 3D printers require some preparation for extended downtime. SG, VG, BN-20 and LEF or LEF2 printers can be prepared by the operators. SG2 and VG2 printers require a service visit. If you can’t get into your site, the Roland printers should be OK for a month or two as long as main power is on and the drain bottle isn’t full. We can deal with any dropouts with a thorough cleaning and service checkup when your site reopens.

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